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Worth Graphic Novel

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  • Hardcover
  • 128 Full Color Pages
  • Production Sketches
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Arcana Studio and Roddenberry Entertainment present Worth, the heartfelt story of Grant Worth, Motor City's most iconic hero.

During the 1960's, Worth's ability to control machines made him a legendary figure in Detroit. But when Worth's powers become obsolete because of society's own progress, he is forced to discover what happens when a superhero can no longer be super...

"Worth really gives a new look at superheroes in the modern era and
tells a powerful story not just about Grant Worth or the city of
Detroit, but about our ever changing society as well." -- The Pit

"Abolutely gorgeous and completely heart-wrenching." -- Jenna Busch, Fan Voice

"This comic has the right sense of what makes for a tragic hero." -- Henry Chamberlain,

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