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Klingon Chain of Office

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 “I offer a toast. The undiscovered country. The future."
- Klingon Chancellor Gorkon

In 1979, legendary Star Trek costume designer Robert Fletcher hired the Studio Art Metal Shop to create jewelry, armor, and other regalia for Star Trek’s many alien cultures. This relationship lasted between Paramount’s Star Trek Production Department and the Studio Art Metal Shop for decades, with the artisans at Studio Art crafting the rank insignia for the Starfleet duty uniforms, elaborate costume accessories for the Vulcans and many other races, and becoming the de facto experts on Klingon wardrobe accoutrements throughout the various films and subsequent television series.

When the time came to create the regal appearance of Klingon Chancellor Gorkon (masterfully portrayed by actor David Warner in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country), Studio Art Metal Shop was told to design an elaborate imperial necklace for the Chancellor to wear around his neck. Based on the rich, historical “Chain of Office” necklaces presented to honored recipients throughout the centuries by European heads of state, this Klingon necklace was painstakingly crafted to look ancient, alien, and most of all, Klingon. Featuring a distinctive mythical face in the center surrounded by two dragons with raised wings that entwine to form the center pendant, the necklace also features nearly 30 individual pieces hand-linked together for an elaborate design. Many of these linking pieces were sculpted to be Klingon letters conforming to the official alphabet supplied by the Star Trek Production Department.

When you order this amazingly detailed and intricate replica, understand that you are buying a meticulously crafted piece requiring numerous hours to cast and assemble by hand. Studio Art Metal Shop never mass-produces any item they make. This breath-taking piece has been molded from the exact same models that were used back in 1991 for the sixth Star Trek feature film, and is cast in the same lead-free pewter and plated in antique nickel. The plating increases the durability of the piece and gives it the look of an ancient worn metal. By using modern spin casting, the necklace picks up even more fine detail than the older sand casting method used in the past.

Please note: originally, two different necklaces were produced for the sixth film. One was intended for David Warner. The other was made for Rosanna DeSoto, the actress portraying Gorkon’s daughter, Azebur. Because of her smaller body size, several links were removed to make the second necklace fit her better. The replica necklace being sold here is the full piece, identically recreating to the exact specifications the complete, larger necklace worn by David Warner.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for production and delivery.  Made to order items are final sale.

Made in the U.S.A.

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