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Star Trek Creator

Star Trek Creator

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  • The Gene Roddenberry Authorized Biography
  • Hardcover
  • 672 Pages

The authorized biography of Star Trek's mastermind is a monumentally documented work. Drawing largely from Roddenberry's archives and interviews from those close to him, it portrays an ambitious man, unsettled in his personal life, yet fixed on his career goals. Roddenberry's family, his experiences as a World War II bomber pilot in the south Pacific, an airline pilot after the war, and his relatively short but eventful career in the Los Angeles Police Department all helped shape him.

Although sometimes the sheer mass of detail makes the narrative difficult to follow, that same wealth of information provides fascinating insights into not only Roddenberry and his correspondents, but also the worlds of Science Fiction and it’s fandom. The many letters between Roddenberry and Isaac Asimov constitute a particularly interesting bonanza, and the appended Roddenberry filmography is useful. All in all, Alexander makes a significant contribution to the understanding of an enigmatic man and his creations.

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