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TNG 30th Anniversary Poster Set

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  • 40" x 27" High Quality Prints
  • Limited Edition (1800 Individually Numbered Sets)
  • 3-Piece Set Includes 28" x 13" Signed Key
Dusty Abell became legendary to Star Trek fans for his breathtaking 50th Anniversary poster featuring characters and ships from The Original Series.  Now he's created a NEW Star Trek masterpiece exclusively for Roddenberry Entertainment.
To celebrate the 30th anniversary of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Abell has meticulously illustrated two incredible works of art, featuring heroes and villains across all seven seasons.  From Picard and Worf to Riker and Yar, from admirals and aliens to ships, shuttles, spatial anomalies, and even Data’s cat Spot…  You’ll find something memorable for every TNG fan on these gloriously intricate montage compositions.
Limited to just *1800 sets, these high-quality posters are printed in full color on heavy-weight 80# cover paper, each measuring 40"x27".
And there's more!
All sets include a third “key” poster that lists every character, vessel, and object featured, along with its location and corresponding episode title.  Measuring 28”x13”, the key poster is hand signed by the artist and individually numbered & foil-stamped with the Roddenberry TNG 30th anniversary logo. 
"I’m so glad to have had the opportunity to create these pieces," says Abell.  "They’ve only gotten my mind racing about even more subjects and themes to tackle going forward."
*Please note that we are unable to accommodate requests for specific numbers. 

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