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Star Trek Electronic Tribble (Gray)

  • 2500

  • Sound & Touch Activated Vibration
  • 'Agitated' & 'Coo' Sound Effects
  • Available in 3 Colors

New & Improved - Now Featuring 2 Sounds!

Tribbles (Polygeminus Grex) are small, non-intelligent lifeforms originating from Iota Geminorum IV. Known for their prodigious reproductive rate, these round, furry creatures emit cooing sounds when touched, which have a tranquilizing effect on the Human Nervous System.

Born pregnant, with sufficient food a single tribble can quickly increase its number exponentially through presumably asexual reproduction, bearing an average litter of ten every twelve hours. On their homeworld, tribble populations are kept in check by a large number of reptilian predators.

Diamond Select Toys 6" plush Tribbles are available in three colors: Brown, Beige, and Gray. Each Tribble features voice & touch-resonsive vibration & sound. Collect them all!

*NOTE: To activate your Tribble and make it come to life, you must first turn on the vibrating mechanism, located within the Tribble's velcro pouch. This is accomplished by moving the activation switch to the "on" position. Replaceable batteries included!

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