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Star Trek Lt. Commander Scott Tunic Replica

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  • Premium Fabrics
  • Screen Accurate Pattern
  • Exact Color Specifications
  • Quality Construction
  • Lt. Commander Braid Configuration

Produced by Anovos, this Star Trek Engineering & Security Division tunic replica is the most accurate representation of the 60’s era wardrobe piece available. Using decades worth of accumulated research and access to original garments, great care has been taken in constructing this tunic. This replica faithfully represents the original wardrobe seen during the 3rd season of Star Trek - The Original Series.

The exact double-knit fabric was sourced and patterns were meticulously drawn from a screen-used hero uniform. By carefully assembling the original pattern, repeating the dye process multiple times to get the perfect match, and producing several prototypes, the master pattern has been recreated down to the last detail.

Relive the nostalgia of Star Trek with this iconic garment, as worn by Lt. Commander Montgomery Scott! Don’t miss this chance to own the classic 3rd season tunic in stunning Engineering Division red! This product is intended for adults 18 and up, sizing information below.