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Days Missing #3 (Web Exclusive Lee Moder Cover)

Days Missing #3 (Web Exclusive Lee Moder Cover)

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  • Web Exclusive Lee Moder Cover
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September 19th, 2008. The Large Hadron Super Collider in Cern, Switzerland is about to go operational. Humanity is poised to re-create the very same conditions that resulted in the Big Bang and the birth of the universe. Physicist and Cern team member Kate Prosper notices something in one of the tests, a temporal anomaly with no reasonable scientific explanation. Meanwhile, truck driver Alain Murais would do anything to save his dying son, who is suffering from leukemia. But he’s out of money, insurance and time. Kate and Alain’s paths will end up on a collision course not only with one another, but also the mysterious Steward. Before the Day is over, no one will ever be the same...

Available with three covers:

News stand cover by Dale Keown
Limited edition news stand cover by artist Frazer Irving
Online exclusive cover by Lee Moder

Collect them all!

Product Details:

Only 250 Copies Printed
Publisher: Archaia Studios Press
Writer: Ian Edginton
Artist: Chris Burnham
Cover Artist: Frazer Irving
Series: 3 of 5
Release Date: 10-28-2009

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