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Galaxy Class Keyset

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Galaxy Class, an LCARS Keycap Set for Mechanical Keyboards
The perfect way to outfit your desktop like the bridge of the Enterprise D, the Galaxy Class Keycap Set is evocative of TNG’s iconic LCARS computer interface and is designed to fit Cherry MX-compatible mechanical keyboards. (Mechanical keyboards are high-end input devices used by gamers, writers, programmers, and other enthusiasts who care deeply about how they interface with their computers.)
This keyset was designed in consultation with members of the mechanical keyboard enthusiast community, who can be as die-hard as Trek fans when it comes to the accoutrements of their hobby. Considerable effort has been taken, matching to actual screen-used translite graphics, to ensure fidelity to the spirit of the originals: we have chosen a flat key profile (all key rows are the same height) with rounded corners, and we are even custom-mixing one of the resin colors using the Pantone color-matching system to get just the right shade of yellow.
Each set comes individually laid out in a custom Roddenberry gift box, which will be filled to varying degrees depending on which set is ordered.
For those who aren’t familiar with mechanical keyboards, a bit of background:
Keycaps sets like these are highly-customized short-run productions that allow a keyboard enthusiast to customize the look and feel of his or her keyboard by swapping out the stock caps that rest on top of the key switches. In order to use a set, you’ll need a Cherry MX-compatible keyboard, such as the WASD V2 104-key (which includes a number pad) or the WASD V2 87-key (which omits the number pad). For a more extravagant option, you can get a keyboard with a housing machined from solid aluminum in a powder coated finish that perfectly compliments the set. (If you’re unsure of which key switch to order on your keyboard, "Cherry MX brown” is a safe, uncontroversial choice.) Please note that a keyboard is not included with any set on offer in this pre-order.
The resin keys
Galaxy Class keycaps are made of PBT thermoplastic resin, considered by many to give the best typing feel and sound of any of the common keycap polymers. Legends in Galaxy Class are applied using a rare dye-sublimation screen-print process for the sharpest graphics and most faithful colors possible—far exceeding the crispness of most PBT dyesub sets. This set comes in the DSA profile, a medium profile with a spherical touch area and a non-sculptured layout. 
The set will be produced by Signature Plastics in Washington State, USA, one of the most noted and longstanding names in the world of customized enthusiast keycaps. 
The artisan keycap
The bronze Enterprise D artisan key is what is known in the keyboard world as an “artisan keycap.” Artisans are made using luxury materials and small-batch manufacturing processes to make a single key of an unusual design, often used on the Escape key.
Our artisans are made by hand, using jewelry-grade processes and equipment, at a traditional metal foundry in New England, the same workshop that makes our IDIC replicas. Each piece is finished with a hand-applied antiquing process, making every individual cap unique. You can expect the patina of the bronze cap to develop over time, further adding to the rich character of the piece.
Which set do I order for my keyboard?
If you haven’t done this before, the most important thing is to order your keyset according to whether or not you have a number pad on your keyboard. If you don’t have the numeric keypad for entering number data to the right of your arrow keys on your keyboard, you can just order the Core set and save some money. If you have a full traditional keyboard that has the number pad, order the Core + Number Pad set. (You can safely ignore the “alternate keys” option, as this applies to people using rare, exotic keyboard layouts, and if you need this configuration you probably already know who you are.) If you just want the three Star Trek insignia keys to use with another DSA-profile keyset from Signature Plastics, you can order the Legacy Upgrade set.
All Core keysets include compatibility keys for international users with ISO layouts.
If you want an artisan keycap, make sure you add it individually to your cart.
*This is a keycap set only. Keyboards pictured are sold separately.
You can follow along at the keyboard community discussion thread on or you can contact us directly for help.

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