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Starfleet TR-590 Mark IX Tricorder

  • 50000

  • 1:1 Scale Replica
  • Die-cast construction
  • Screen accurate sound effects
  • Authentic LED sequence and graphic overlays
  • Exclusive display stand
  • Wearable holster included

Essential equipment for Starfleet personnel, the Tricorder is a versatile and portable handheld scanning device. Capable of analyzing data and sharing it quickly with other systems, the Tricorder has proven to be invaluable to crewmembers whether on a starship or an away mission. The 23rd century Tricorder from Star Trek: The Original Series was a heavy, rectangular model with a small screen and shoulder strap. Over the 24th century, the unit became more compact and featured a flip-out panel, allowing for a larger display. Later on, this clamshell design was further refined using a more angular appearance.

The Starfleet TR-590 Tricorder IX was conceived for use in several Star Trek productions. The prop was seen on Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and in the last three TNG-era feature films: First Contact, Insurrection, and Nemesis. Replicated from the original master tooling, this 1:1 scale version features screen-accurate layered sound and LED light sequences, including a 'ratchet-open' and 'ratchet-close' effect. Each Tricorder includes an exclusive display stand, wearable holster, and certificate of authenticity. Replaceable batteries included! Intended for adult use only.


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